When I was on the other side of the coin — a university student who received syllabus from every classes I attended — I had very rarely cared about the courses gradings. By courses gradings I mean the decomposition of how the total scores for the particular course is calculated…

Digital Transformation: 數碼轉型

Strategy: 策略

Competitive advantage: 競爭優勢

Business Model: 商业模式

Platform: 平台

data analytics: 數據分析

Crowdfunding: 群眾募資

Big Data: 大數據

Business Intelligence: 商業智能

Data visualization: 資料視覺化

Cloud computing: 雲端運算

Artificial Intelligence (AI): 人工智能

Machine Learning: 機器學習

Chatbot: 聊天機械人

Flashcards to practice

Sources: OGCIO HK’s English-Chinese Glossary of IT terms (Primary) and others

I think the point of digital currency is that you want the owners of the digital currency to keep their money digital and in your platforms for as long as possible. So you want to incentivize the users to let the digital money to stay where it is right now…

Can hoarding knowledge lead to growth?

In someway it can and in someway it can’t

It also matters how we define and approach ‘growth’ itself

The complexity reduction and complexity absorption that I have talked about in my earlier post are actually even more interesting that I initially thought as I noticed the many examples of its applications in everyday life.

For example, I think science and academic research are application of the attempt to…

[Written in 2013. ]

Organizational identity provides depth and profundity to organization analysis as it integrates individual, collective, and organizational level and is a subtext to many behaviors of organization and its members (Albert, Ashforth, & Dutton 2000, Gioia, Schultz, & Corley 2000, Cornelissen 2007). …

(Written in 2014)

In order to provide reliability and establish accountability, organizations need structures that are reproducible or stable over time (Hannan & Freeman 1984, Kelly & Amburgey 1991). However, the longer and wider these structures are institutionalized and standardized, the harder it is for organizations to change them. This…

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